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Allah's House (Holy Kaaba)

Here is the post on Allah's House (Holy Kaaba) offered by our travel agency with the cheap Hajj Packages from Glasgow. The most sacred structure, known as the Kaaba, is at the heart of Makkah's Al-Haram mosque. It’s extremely important in Islamic culture. People traveling to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umrah make seven counter-clockwise circles around the Kaaba, giving prayers to Allah.

Only a few individuals have seen or know what is inside the Kaaba. This blog attempts to examine what is and was within the Kaaba. The Kaaba was erected to glorify God by the Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael. Observants face it five times a day while praying to the Almighty. The structure has undergone several alterations throughout the years. This enhances both the outer construction and the internal sight of the Kaaba.

The most recent modifications were done in the 1950s to accommodate the enormous number of pilgrims that came for Hajj. The Saudi authorities expanded the Mosque's limits, which currently include 40 acres of land. The Kaaba is a 15-meter-high cubical structure. The cardinal directions were intended to be aligned with the corners. In 1982, the entryway was decorated with pure gold. The black silk fabric piece is known as Kiswa.

That covers the Kaaba, which used to travel from Egypt with the caravan of pilgrims on their way to Hajj. Saudi Arabia now manufactures that textile component. It has calligraphy done in gold thread that resembles Quran passages in Arabic. Every year on the second day of Hajj, the cloth is exchanged for a new one.

The Kaaba's Importance

The Holy Kaaba, also known as Khanna Kaaba, is not God's actual home, but rather a symbolism for Allah's residence. It alludes to the almighty power's oneness in Islamic teachings. The pre-Islamic groups worshipped various gods and followed idols. The idols were stored inside the Kaaba. It is stated that God instructed Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to restore the Kaaba as a center of worship for just one God.

It signaled the end of polytheism among the sects, and the Kaaba became the center of prayer for Muslims. The Kaaba and the Black Stone represent the unity of all Muslims and serve as a haven for them. Nobody reveres the Black Stone of the Kaaba. They represent the greatest force that is Allah as a whole. It is the direction, or Qibla, that Muslims all around the world face when praying to God.

The Stone Within the Kaaba

The black polished stone inside the Kaaba is made up of shards and three huge chunks that are kept together by a silver ring. And encircled by a stone ring. The stone, according to belief, came with Adam and was originally white. The sins of pilgrims who touched and kissed it changed it into the dark tint it is now. It's also been stolen before. The Black Stone was stolen by extremists of the Qarmatian sect, a branch of the Sevener Ismaili Shia Islam organization, in 930.

The Black Stone is now guarded by 24 guards under the command of the King. The Black Stone, which is located on one of The Kaaba's borders, is 30cm in diameter and stands 1.5m above the ground. When performing Tawaf, they try to kiss it, and if they can't, they must point towards it. Another common version holds that Prophet Ibrahim and his son Ismael were seeking various sorts of stones to build the Kaaba when they came across the Black Stone. They placed it in the building's corner after realizing its worth.

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