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10 Things You Didn`t Know About the Ka’aba

The Holy Kaaba is the midpoint of the world. Muslims across the globe come to visit the Holy House of ALLAH to perform Hajj and Umrah. During Ramadan, it has been observed a large number of Muslims around the world travel to Saudi Arabia to accomplish Umrah to get the maximum reward of it. You may book the Ramadan Umrah package in advance. Travel agencies offer multiple packages according to your budget; choose the best package among All Inclusive Cheap umrah packages. There are some amazing facts about the kaaba which every Muslim should be aware of.

1. Construction of Kaaba:
There is conflict in regards to who built Kaaba first, many believed it was first built by angels, and the second opinion is Kaaba was built by the first Prophet Adam As, who gathered different stones and raised a foundation of Kaaba and later the son of Adam, Hazrat Sheathe AS who was the third Prophet of ALLAH built Kaaba. After ages when a great storm at the time of Noah (AS) hit the entire world, everything was demolished, just the base of Kaaba remained there. The most authentic fact that is gathered from history is that the Kaaba was originally built by Prophet Ibrahim AS and his son Ismael AS.

2. The original shape of Kaaba:
Kaaba was never always in cubic shape. It was constructed in a square shape and one shape of Kaaba was round. The semi-low wall in a crescent shape on one side of Kaaba is called Hateem today, which is still a part of Kaaba. Though, it is not fully connected to Kaaba. The shape was changed when the Holy House of Allah was reconstructed by Muhammad and Quraysh before the Prophet-Hood.

3. There are two Kaaba:
When the Holy Prophet ﷺ visited seven skies during his journey of Miraj, He ﷺ was shown Kaaba above skies. Upon asking Seraph Hazrat Gabriel AS, he was told this is Bait-Al- Mamoor where 70000 angels worship ALLAH every day and once an angel visits the house of ALLAH, they never return. There are always new 70000 angles who visit Bait-Al-Mamoor. So there are two Kaaba, one is on the earth in Makkah where human gathers to worship ALLAH, second is right above the skies where angels come to worship ALLAH.

4. Kaaba opens to the public:
During the time of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Kaaba was open for 2 days a week, it was allowed for any Muslim to enter Kaaba. There was no restriction for Muslims. Anyone could enter and worship there. Time passed, and the Muslim population has increased now it is not possible to keep it open to the public. Hence only special guests who get a permit can go inside the Kaaba.

5. Two doors of Kabah:
For a long time there used to be two doors to Kabah. One was meant to enter while the other was used to exit. There used to be a window as well in Kaaba. Later the window was closed and the door was removed and now there is only one gate to Kaaba.

6. The cloth on Kaaba:
The cloth which is used to cover the Kaaba is called Kiswah, which was never always black. Formerly different colours were used to cover Kaaba such as green, red and white. Later the color was changed to black and gold.

7. The silver frame around the black stone:
As we see Hijra-e-Aswad is outlined in a sliver frame. During an attack on Kaaba, the holy stone was removed and taken away from Kaaba. During its removal and recovery, it was broken into seven pieces. Hence the effective way to keep it intact was to frame it. Thus it was bordered into a sliver frame.

8. Pray in any direction inside Kaaba:

Inside the Kaaba is the only place where you can offer prayer in any direction you want. If anyone gets the privilege to enter inside Kaaba they can offer prayer in any direction they wish. This is one of the most amazing facts about Kaaba.

9. Keys of Kaaba:
The Saudi Government does not hold the keys of Kaaba. After the conquest of Makkah, the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ handed over the keys of Kaaba to his companion Hazrat Osman Bin Talha RA and appointed him as the keeper of the Kaaba keys. The guardianship of keys was inherited by the sons of Shaybah and their successors. Hence the keys are guarded by the family of Osman Bin Talha from that day until now.

10. Nothing flies over Kaaba:
This might be a surprising fact about Kaaba for you to know, that nothing flies over Kaaba because Kaaba has a magnetic attraction that is why no plane and no birds can fly over the Kaaba. That is why Makkah city is not served by any airport ever.

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